Equality and Liberation

Hisham Pryce-Parchment

Hi, I'm Hisham (he/him), your 2021/22 Equality & Liberation Co-President.

I'll be updating my Officer Blog weekly to keep you up to date with what work I am currently engaged in.

If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to email me!

September 2021- 13th

Happy Monday everyone! 

Much has happened in the past few weeks - I have been quite busy in preparation for Freshers, executive officer training, BHM, consent workshops and other bits of planning for the year. You can find out a bit more below: 


  • Freshers: The sabb + wider SU team have been meeting frequently to discuss our plans for Freshers and reach out to relevant societies and student groups for their input. Events and activities are still being planned, including the first late license of year (and the first in 19 months!).
  • Exec training: The part-time officers you elected last year have now received their exec training. We ran a number of sessions from how to organise and campaign effectively to trustee board training so that they are in the best possible position to support and facilitate student-led projects and campaigns across the year. Please do reach out to them on their respective officer emails if you want to support anything that they've prioritised this year. 
  • Black History Month: The sabb team will meet this week to start planning Black History Month events. Further updates to come soon. 
  • Consent Workshops: We held the first training session for our new team of facilitators on Friday. The session went well and I'm personally very excited to see where we take the campaign this year. Our second training day will happen at the end of the week. We have also hired a new Enough is Enough Co-ordinator to lead on some of the administrative and longer-term work that is needed on the campaign. They will be joining us next week and I'm sure some of you might come into contact with them as the term begins. As ever, please reach out if you are at all interested in the work Enough is Enough does - we are actively recruiting new people to take the campaign to the next level. 


These are the main updates for now, and of course, I will use this space to continue to archive the work we've been doing. Please do reach out if you have any ideas for an event, workshop, etc, if you have any questions or want to have a chat about anything I'm working on. 



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