Equality and Liberation

Hisham Pryce-Parchment

Hi, I'm Hisham (he/him), your 2021/22 Equality & Liberation Co-President.

I'll be updating my Officer Blog weekly to keep you up to date with what work I am currently engaged in.

If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to email me!

August 2021- 25th

Hello all!


This week I have been working on finalising the content for our Exec officer training. The officers will receive a week-long training covering topics from self and collective care and sustainable campaigning/organising to charity law and trustee commitments. We know they are all very excited to start their terms as your part-time officers. 

Much of the Enough is Enough campaign preparation is currently underway. Over the past few weeks, Ella (Co-President for Welfare and Campaigns) and I have been working on hiring new facilitators for the upcoming workshops, as well as developing a strategy for expanding the campaign beyond the yearly workshops. This strategy includes setting up a new project team to oversee that the campaign is well-established and continues working on consent and SGBV-related issues year-round. We are also in the process of hiring a new Enough is Enough Co-ordinator who will contribute to and lead the work on expanding the campaign over the next few years. All the applications we've received are very strong, so we are very excited to work with whoever is selected. 

I attended a meeting this afternoon in which the plans for the new BA African Studies program were being finalised. The plans are definitely exciting and a step in the right direction to put the 'A' back into SOAS. I will be pursuing these spaces throughout the year where my input is useful. 

The rest of my time is shared between Freshers' planning and laying the groundwork for what I hope will be an enriching Black History Month with a focus on campaigns and community voices. I am looking forward to seeing more people on campus as September approaches, so feel free to pop into G6 if you want to say hi. As ever, please do reach out if you have any ideas for an event, workshop, etc, if you have any questions or want to have a chat about anything I'm working on. 

Happy Wednesday! x 






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