The Quarantine Qrew

With the closure of SOAS due to Covid-19, I found myself in a tricky position as the Co-President Activities and Events. Without a physical space to put on events, I found myself demotivated and confused in how I was to continue working in this role. However, with encouragement from the other Sabbatical Officers and after seeing what other SU’s have been doing, I decided to start working on bringing SOAS SU events online. 


I have now created a Facebook group called the SOAS Quarantine Qrew’ which will act as a virtual Students Union while we are all in lockdown. The facebook group is a space for the SU, societies and other groups in SOAS to hold events, run campaigns, provide each other with support and resources and hold discussions about life in quarantine. We need more positivity during these hard times, so this group intends to help motivate people, keep them active and keep them well. 


Join the Facebook Page using this link:


We will be posting our events schedule for the coming weeks every Friday. We have many events that happen every week and some that happen on a once-off basis. All SOAS groups are welcome to use this page as a means of holding or promoting events. If you are running an event and would like to put it in the weekly calendar, please send me an email If you would like to organise an event or activity but aren’t sure about the logistics or what kind of event you would like to do or if you don’t have the capacity to run an event/activity but have an idea for things you would like to see in this group, please reach out! I would love to hear from you all to see what kinds of things we can do to support you better at this time. 


Tuesday 26th:

  • Virtual Tour of  Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Pet Appreciation Posts
  • Eurovision Songs of 2020 pt. 5

Wednesday 27th:

  • Radio Weekly Schedule Livestream @10am
  • The Faith Factor @1pm
  • Black Matters @3pm
  • Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 pt. 1
  • SOAS Musicians Showcase #6
  • Stay at Home Sports Challenge @5pm on @soassports instagram

Thursday 28th:

  • Weekly Cooking Challenge: Bake a cake!
  • Stay at Home Sports Challenge LIVE WORKOUT @4pm on @soassports Instagram
  • Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 pt. 2
  • Fastest Finger Pub Quiz @5pm

Friday 29th:

  • SOAS Musicians Showcase #7
  • Stay at Home Sports Challenge @5pm on @soassports Instagram
  • Queer House Party @9pm

Saturday 30th:

  • SU Book Club @5pm
  • Stay at Home Sports Challenge @5pm on @soassports Instagram


You can find descriptions of all of the events on the Facebook page under their tags/popular topics in posts. Some events will be held on Zoom, so please ensure you have it downloaded onto your PC or mobile. Most of the other events will be held on Facebook or Instagram live. 


We really hope that you will all benefit from the Quarantine Qrew and that it can encourage you to all find methods of coping in isolation. Again, if you have any questions, concerns, event ideas, etc. please feel free to reach out to me. I also have recently set up a SU Facebook Profile page which I will be using to post in the Quarantine Qrew, so you can message me there too. 


Join the Facebook Page using this link:


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