SOAS Christian Union is a group of people from different backgrounds united by core truths of Jesus Christ and the Bible. We welcome all to come along, hear and respond to the good news of Jesus!


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Christian Union


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Who are we?
The Christian Union (CU) is a group of Christians from different backgrounds and churches united together around the core truths of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

What is our aim?
The aim of the CU is to be a community for those who are Christians and those interested in or skeptical about Christianity. As a society we aim to serve one another as well as the SOAS student body as a whole. As a CU we talk about Jesus, the Bible and how the Christian faith is relevant to our every day lives.

Who can come?
ANYONE. Whether you're shy or bold, certain about your beliefs or searching, skeptical about God or sure, we would love to meet you all.
What do we do?
Every Thursday at 7pm we meet together to look over a chapter in the Bible and have a group discussion on what the passage is saying and look at how it affects our lives today. We'll also be holding various socials and Q&A evenings throughout the year. Room numbers and events will be announced on our Facebook page, so follow us on there to keep up to date!



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