SOAS Christian Union is a group of people from different backgrounds united by core truths of Jesus Christ and the Bible. We welcome all to come along, hear and respond to the good news of Jesus!


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Christian Union


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Who are you?

The Christian Union (CU) is a Christian-run society bringing together people from different beliefs and backgrounds.

What do you do?

Whilst we are still only able to meet online, we will be running two different core events that will take place on Zoom, the link will be sent out in our emails so make sure you subscribe! Or, send a message to one of our social media platforms and we will get back to you with any questions! 

On Tuesdays we will run weekly prayer sessions alternating between prayer groups, and combined prayer with all the Christian Union members. 

Thursdays are our time to gather together and study the Bible, we will hear from CU members and external speakers on different topics and have the chance to discuss!

COMING UP: The first week of November we will be holding an events week exploring the Christian responses to the issues of Colonisation, Race and the racialisation of Christian Artwork. Do contact us for any questions on this, but details will come out shortly! 

Why do you do all that?

As Christians who love Jesus and want to follow what He teaches and how He loved others, we strive to serve those around us as best we can - both Christian and non-Christian. The gospel of Jesus is “good news” for everyone (Mark 1:1)! As such, everyone at SOAS should be able to have the opportunity to hear, understand and respond to it.

So if you are already a Christian, we want to welcome you, enjoy your fellowship, encourage you (as you will us), and help you along the crazy, challenging, exciting path that SOAS will take you on.

If you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian, we want to welcome you even more! Because we really do believe there is nothing more amazing, more satisfying, more rewarding, than knowing Jesus. And our aim is to give you the chance to see that as we get to know you.

Who can come?

Absolutely anyone. Whether you’re a firm believer, curious skeptic, staunch atheist or just interested to find out more about our faith, you would be so welcome! We like to keep things casual, so just rock up anytime. Got a question you want to grill a Christian with? Bring it to our next meeting! Looking for someone to pray with? We’d love to do that! Just want someone to chat to? We’ll be here!

Where do I sign up?

Make sure to sign up with us on the SU site to get our weekly email and stay right on top of meetings and events. You can also join us on our Facebook/ Instagram pages below for any extra bits. Or just come and find us during Freshers or turn up to one of our meetings. Looking forward to meeting you!

What else?

- Don’t be put off if you struggle to make meetings/ events. We understand - uni life is busy! Don’t let that get in the way of things though. If you’d like to be involved in some way, let us know and we’d be more than happy to meet up.

- Interested, but unsure of an ‘official’ Bible study? Again, let us know and one of us would be delighted to meet up for a coffee (on us) and chat about whatever you’d like, with the offer of just opening up the Bible a bit and seeing what it says always open.

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There is also a whatsapp group, get in contact for the link to join! 

We are currently having technical difficulties with the email so make sure to contact us on social media so we can get back to you! 



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