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The Korean Pansori Society aims to introduce people to p’ansori, a form of Korean storytelling through song, as well as Korean folksongs.


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Korean Pansori Society

Love to sing? Enjoy a challenge? We at the PANSORI SOCIETY welcome you!


  • About PANSORI

Pansori is globally recognised as Korean version of “operatic” singing and has been declared one of the “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

Telling intricate stories of love, war, tragedy, spiritualism and the occasional comedic romp there is a wide range of tales to entertain in this slice of Korean traditional culture.


  • About US *sparkle sparkle*

The Pansori society (Founded in 2016) is a group of individuals brought together by an appreciation of Korean music, singing, language and culture. Each lesson is a learning experience of traditional Korean drumming rhythms, folk stories and vocal techniques passed down through oral instruction over countless generations.

This is a group that is open and appreciative of beginners and external learners.

Lessons work at a relaxed pace in order to build confidence in performing pieces for the SOAS Korean Music School’s annual performance in full traditional costume (hanbok) with fan (buchae)- for which we will learn hand gestures (pallim) for delicate artistic flair..

Feel free to come and Join Us: Thursdays @ 7-9pm in T102 at 21-22 Russel Square.


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