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Language Landscape


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Language Landscape is a SOAS student led project to map the variety of languages spoken around the world. It began as a collaborative project demonstrating the linguistic diversity of SOAS by documenting poems, songs and sayings. We have now expanded our project to capture spoken and signed languages all over the world in a tangible and lasting format.

The student society is a great way to get involved in the project and raise awareness about the benefits of multilingualism and language endangerment. Join us for the annual recordathon; linguistic pub trips; and for volunteering in local secondary schools as part of our successful outreach projects. It’s not only a place for students of language and linguistics to share their passion but also a way to get teaching experience and hands-on “fieldwork” practice in London.

If you are interested in finding out more about Language Landscape, check out our website - - or come along to one of our events. You don’t need to be a part of the student society to set yourself up with an account and start mapping your languages!




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