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Indian dance bustles with different forms and features from across the length and breadth of the sub-continent. The attraction of Indian dance is ever-growing both within and outside India. One of the main reasons behind this continuing craze is India’s proud collection of “classical” dances from the ancient temples, stone sculptures and sacred texts. These “classical” dance forms present grace, style, vigour and tradition. Our "Indian Dance Society" welcomes, introduces and acquaints those interested in dance with some of these ever-green dance styles. Priyanka Basu and Debanjali BIswas who are professionally trained in the classical Indian dance forms of Odissi (from the eastern state of Odisha) and Manipuri (from the north-eastern state of Manipur) respectively, will be imparting training in their individual dance styles: beginning with basic dance exercises, postures and movements and furthering on to items from the respective repertoires. Both Priyanka Basu and Shreya Sinha are PhD students in SOAS, while Debanjali Biswas—a SOAS alumni—is now doing her PhD at Kings College, London. Our dance-drama production "Chandalika: A Woman's Quest Beyond Untouchability" in December 2013 based on Rabindranath Tagore's text was a huge success with a full-house audience and a number of performers from SOAS who despite their non-dance backgrounds were mentored carefully resulting in a much-appreciated performance. We invite you dance, to express yourselves and to gain from the interesting sessions on India’s rich cultural heritage in dance.



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