The society has direct contact with the Chagossian community and is in a unique position to immediately help this twice exiled people improve their lives and raise awareness of their plight. Join us!


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Chagos Islanders Support Group


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Evicted from their homeland by the UK  to make way for a US military airbase on Diego Garcia, the Chagos Islanders have been at the fulcrum of world politics, but remain powerless, penniless and abused. Described in a Foreign Office memo as "a few Tarzans and Man Fridays", the Chagossians remain impoverished, abused and neglected by the UK (and US) governments who removed them from their homes. Amazingly, many still face deportation from the UK, despite being forbidden to return to their homeland. Families remain divided between Mauritius the Uk and the Seychelles. This living tragedy is one of the most shameful in British colonial history, with persistent and painful consequences for the Chagossians themselves

The society had a direct link to the community and members will be able to immediately support the Chagossians in their quest for justice and humanity-as well as the maintenance of their vibrant culture and language- and raise awareness of their plight. Please join us !



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