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Algerian Society


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Salaam/Azul Fellewan!

We're a couple of Algerian students on campus who are happy to dedicate their time to spread the knowledge on Algerian history, arts, culture and music! This society is not only for Algerians, everyone is invited to take part in understanding our diverse cultures.

As part of our commitment to Algerian culture, we are also determined to give a platform to Algerian creatives of any profession, be that musicians, visual artists and comedians! So if you know anyone, hit us up and we can get organise workshops on language, Algerian classic films (we already did The Battle of Algiers but if you're a true one, you'll never stop watching it), a food and music night (big up Rai!) where we can all just chill and dwell in some nostalgerie!  Our Instagram handle is @algerianexpress. 

We're currently hosting a couple of incredible experts throughout the year on Algerian history as part of the Algeria Series so do stay updated via our social media. These talks are not to be missed as they cover a wide range of other topics related to colonialism, decolonization, war and conflict, postcolonialism and how it all relates to Algeria as we know it today.


Anyway, Tahya DZ!






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