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Sebastian Dodt



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Hello everyone! Welcome to the SOAS Volleyball Team page.

Our names are Samira and Sebastian and we are going to be the captains and coaches for the 2020/2021 season. 

This year's season will be different as the London League will only start in January and many of the tournaments that we participate in have been cancelled.

We are giving our best to start practices as early as possible while also making sure that everyone is safe to join and that we comply with all rules from the government, the SU and the facility where we practice (William Ellis School in Camden). 

So far, practices for term 1 have not been confirmed. Fresher's tryouts and beach volleyball sessions have been cancelled.

To stay up to date on practices and events, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We have also created a Fresher's WhatsApp group to make it easier to spontaneously organise socials as soon as we are allowed to. Please join via the link or QR code below:

You can join the group regardless of whether you are a beginner or pro, interested to play twice a week or just from time to time. And of course, none of us have played much in the six months so don't worry if you're not at your best right now. At this time we cannot say whether we will have to cap the number of people in our team by experience or level of playing. 

There's no deadline to join the group for updates. Be aware that joining the Fresher's WhatsApp group does not mean that you have joined the team or society, it is just the most convenient and fastest way to communicate in this uncertain and volatile time.

Oh and don't worry about the bold headline asking you to join the society by adding it to your basket. We will inform you whenever you have to properly register with the SU, but right now there is no reason to. 

See you all soon and stay safe!

Sami and Seb



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