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Martial arts and Karate club


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SOAS Martial arts & Karate Club 

For more information you can direct your enquiries towards soas.karate@yahoo.co.uk

Alternatively visit our websites or Facebook group at


Website: www.isbaa.net

Website: https://soasunion.org/activities/society/6813/

Training happens at: 
Russell Square Campus (Basement Gym)
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
Russell Square
Thornhaugh Street
University of London

Transportation: All classes are near Russell SQ Tube station. with many busses around SOAS

Location: SOAS basement - go down the staircase opposite the library entrance - turn right and walk along the corridor till the end - On your left will be a door leading to a staircase. Go down until you reach the basement gym.


Tuesday, 4.30 – 6.30 PM

Thursday: 6.00 – 7.30 PM

Saturday, 3.00 – 5.00 PM

Who can start practicing?


- Come and give it a try, classes are suitable for everyone both female & male.

- Beginners are always welcome!

- Any students who are already practitioners any karate styles are welcome to train with us.

Practicing the martial art & karate is open to students and non-students and everyone interesting in serious training

What to choose for training?

The SOAS Martial Arts and Karate Club focuses on the study and practice of Japanese Karate and self-defense techniques.

The 2 styles practiced is traditional Genseiryu from Okinawa and Genkidokairyu from Japan

The club welcomes all new and old members, regardless of their martial arts experience.

SOAS team / We will also work towards creating a SOAS Karate team which will represent the university in various Karate competitions.

How can buy Japanese GI (uniform)?

Every students after become member of our club can order there uniform (GI) in the club where we will have it for you after we have your high and the fee for the GI.

Why start to train?

Every members will have the opportunity to sharpen their mind and body,                                       Get fit and learn traditional fighting techniques in a friendly environment for defense them self when need it.

The benefits of training in our club:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Ability to deal with stress
  • Better self-awareness
  • Improve better fitness overall
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve Self confidence
  • Improve Strength
  • Improve relaxation
  • Improve concentration
  • Zen (meditation)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Self defense
  • The art of budo (martial art)
  • The art of karate
  • Have fun

Among many other benefits it focuses the mind, promotes physical health and can foster a spiritual state of wellbeing. You will start to notice those benefits just after few classes and those will be reinforced further with regular training.

All martial arts / Budo and karate classes are taught by experienced professional teachers/ sensei. They're open to everyone, whatever your levels of experience are

Instructors: Shihan Freddy

Chief Instructor has over 40 years of experience.

He is currently Roku-Dan (6th Dan) in karate and Genkidokairyu

He also trains in the arts of martial arts styles and been active in competition arena for many years

All our instructors are certified by the UK WAMMCO® confederation


Why practice martial arts styles?

* The practice of traditional martial arts & karate develops the mind and body unified is a versatile martial art originated from Japan & Okinawa. 

* We a group of martial artists dedicated to learning and teaching the principles of mind and body unification through the art of Genseiryu karate & GenkidoKairyu

* We are a dynamic and growing organization, and we always welcome new members.

* Training is very good at relieving exam stress

* The training includes techniques from many styles and workout and meditation and focus on self-defense

* Join us & meet students from over the world and learn different aspects of traditional martial art which can in turn develop many skills including creativity, memory, and patience

* The dojo provides opportunities to train outside of London - and even abroad. Practicing at our dojo is a great way to keep fit, also it's great for socialising too as we always can plan to go for a drink after training!

* Training is a dynamic and to challenging your self all the time to improve your fitness, and offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which allows students to train and live their everyday lives.

* Training involving all parts of the body, it develops physical and mental concentration and health, beneficial to one’s professional and personal life. Regular training alleviates stress; builds confidence; improves metabolism, strength, suppleness, stamina and co-ordination. Come learn a practical system of self-defence, unique in its ability to help one achieve self-awareness as well as respect for others, and gain peace of mind and body.

* We offer authentic and affordable karate special to SOAS students.

In our classes we will teach you 2 styles you can chose:

  • The art of traditional karate from Okinawa Genseiryu
  • Practical GenkidoKairyu self-defense that incorporates elements of other grappling arts; i.e. Jujitsu and Judo and many other budo styles

Training Okinawa Genseiryu karate at SOAS

SOAS Okinawa Genseiryu karate society teaches an old karate with modern Japanese martial art which is a balanced system of self defense and self development.

Okinawa Genseiryu is one of the oldest karate and club at SOAS and there are opportunities to train in London and visit other clubs in the Europe and Japan.

This year we are offering a new beginners course which runs over two terms. If you follow this course you will be able to take the grading at the end of the spring term.

We have divided the two hour Tuesday training session into two segments

will be a general class allowing you to implement what you learnt in the beginner's class.

Beginners are encouraged to stay on for both hours as it will help you progress quicker!

Training will incorporate effective self-defense techniques with philosophy and meditation.

The training aims to develop the potential of the individual and create balanced personality both mentally and physically and body

The self-defense techniques incorporate both hard and soft techniques: Go jo is the hard or active system, comprising swift and accurate techniques involving punches, kicks, dodges and blocks.

Okinawa Genseiryu is a Japanese martial art from Okinawa Island that can be translated as - The Way of Harmonic universe energy or center of harmonisation body and mind,

Gen - universe
Sei - control
Ryu – school / way

Therefore it is a very effective way of training mind, body and spirit as well as a very practical form of self defence. Unlike other martial arts or karate styles, therefore is more about your training by your self as old time training method and after training partner as opposed to against them.

As it less aggressive and can train non competitive, it is suitable for all ages and people of all shapes and sizes. It's a great way of keeping fit, promoting flexibility, core strength and increased co-ordination and reaction.

Fro more information or history please visit www.isbaa.net


GenkidoKairyu is Japanese martial arts combining hard and soft techniques from many different Japanese Martial Arts after the old time budo, which combines best elements of Kempo, jujitsu, judo, karate, aikido, Kobudo, and etc

Gen – Universal
Ki do – Center of energy way
Kai – Home /place
Ryu – Way / method

Genkidokairyu is highly sophisticated fighting system, which meets your requirements for physical health, mental balance and self-defense.

How does Genkidokairyu strengthen your health?

Genkidokairyu practice, teaches you to use your whole body and you feel that all your muscles and bones work together. You use them, as one entity, and learn to avoid injuries, by harmoniously coordinate your body-functions.

You learn to have full control over your body in all situations. The movements and the techniques of Genkidokairyu have a "cleansing" effect on your body, and they strengthen your energy and balance.

They also have spectacular results against arthritis, various back-problems, body -weight problems, and they also contribute to body esthetics. (Good looks and shape)

GenkidoKairyu SougoBudo is a little known but very unique and effective competitive combat sport too. It was the original successful mixing of the martial arts styles
It was created by sensei Nakayama and later develop by other sensei to better present into international society and felt there was a need for a modern scientific martial arts and combat sport for present and future generations and devised with unique protective armor from world martial arts confederation WAMMCO®, so that participants could fight realistically as much is possible but without any injury.

It is open to all shapes and sizes and experience in other martial arts is not required: that’s beauty of training is that you learn to adjust your self and techniques to overcome your opponent

The trainings and techniques incorporate both hard and soft techniques comprising swift and accurate techniques involving punches, kicks, dodges and blocks and floor techniques many more

Genkidokairyu is more about working with your training partner as opposed to against them with grand techniques

The teachings also include meditation and breathing techniques and meditation is practiced during the middle of every class to calm the mind and encourage breathing control

Technique is the soft or passive system, used when grabbed or held against one's will. They comprise releasing, throwing or subduing the opponent through the manipulation of body mechanics, pressure points and balance. The two systems are used hand in hand to create a unique all round system of self-defense based on technique rather than strength, capable of repelling any form of attack.

Competition and Sparring

Our clubs is a well active to join different competition in UK and European countries and even Japan.

Therefore we have many good opportunity for those students has inters challenge them self and join championship

With occasional inter-club sparring competitions open to those interested and our training base on the way we can have our members to participating in many competition rules

We also practicing with the SAFETY UNIQUE PROTECTIVE ARMOUR (face and body) from national martial arts confederation in UK WAMMCO confederation they has under world WAMMCO confederation what been promoting the whole martial arts sports for combat sport into Olympic Games sport

We always looking for students like join SOAS karate team and martial arts team to join Tournaments and represent the SOAS University in national and international arena.



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