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The UGM Policy Library details all of the policies that have passed at UGM in SOAS SU over the years. You can view both Currently Active Policies and Archived Policies.


Currently Active Policies

The following SU policies were passed at UGMs within the last 3 years and are currently active in the SU. 


25 November 2021:

  • SOAS SU to Stand in Solidarity with UCU and UNISON
  • SOAS Complaints Procedure Reform
  • Extension of Online Tutorials for International Students and Students Facing Health Vulnerabilities Preventing them from Joining in Person

Progress on each of these motions can be viewed in the 2021/22 Progress Report webpage.

These motions will lapse on their respective dates in 2024/25.


21 May 2021:

  • Introduce a ‘Welfare Officer’ as a mandatory role in SOAS SU society and club committees
  • To reaffirm commitment to BDS and pressure SOAS to divest from and boycott Israeli Apartheid
  • Sabbatical Role for Black African, Black Caribbean and Black Students of the diaspora

7 May 2021:

  • The University Should Cover Any Costs Associated with Mitigating Circumstances Applications
  • To Stand in Solidarity with and Support the Mass Campaign to Resist the Police Crackdown Bill (the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill)

26 March 2021:

  • Remove Adam Habib as Director

22 February 2021:

  • SOAS SU Incorporation
  • Declaration of a SOAS Housing Emergency
  • Solidarity with the Uyghur People: Stop the Genocide
  • Introduce a Student Parents Officer to SOAS SU
  • Introduce a Part Time Students Officer to SOAS SU

Progress on each of these motions can be viewed in the 2020/21 Progress Report webpage.

These motions will lapse on their respective dates in 2024.


20 January 2020:

  • My Reading List is Black Campaign
  • Stop University of London Collusion with the Egyptian Regime
  • Support the UCU Call for Strike Action Over the Four Fights One Voice Dispute
  • Save Our Teachers, Save SOAS. Cut Managers.

21 November 2019:

  • The SU to Support the Kurdish Struggle in North East Syria
  • Demilitarise SOAS: End Institutional Collaboartion with DCSU and Ministry of Defence

24 October 2019:

  • Mandatory Environmental Education Workshops
  • Introducing an Online Voting System for UGMs

Progress on each of these motions can be viewed in the 2019/20 Progress Report webpage.

These motions will lapse on their respective dates in 2022/23.


7 May 2019:

  • S.U. shouldn't support unconscious bias training for academic staff as part of compulsory Equalities training before it is debated by the student body
  • Declare a climate emergency
  • Solidarity with Sri Lanka
  • Weekly emails on strikes, impacts of strikes, and support to students
  • Stop Racism and Islamophobia at University of Essex
  • Update UGM Rules

22 March 2019:

  • Oppose redundancies, save exams, prevent a strike

27 February 2019:

  • Support Migrant Connections Festival 2019 (MCF)
  • Support students who have been reported to the police by SOAS for political protests & continue the policy of cops off campus
  • Motion for the Implementation of the Practice of Anonymity in the Assessment Process for All Departments
  • Paint over Junot Diaz mural in the JCR
  • Co-President for a Black* Officer/ Black Pastoral Co-ordinator
  • The referendum on the change of the structure of the Trustees for the Students’ Union is undemocratic and needs to be cancelled - need to carry out constitutional reform and ensure that the consultation consults as many students as possible, and that the changes will be for next academic year

17 January 2019:

  • Remove non-metal cutlery in the refectory
  • Install Ecosia as default search engine on all SOAS computers
  • Demand big containers in the refectory for sauces and salt/ pepper
  • Stop the Registry (fees & scholarships team) sanctioning late payment by blocking access to BLE and learning resources
  • Against the library cuts
  • Creation of a fund to support PGR to attend conferences
  • Trans Mental Health Support
  • Funds for Yarls Wood Demo
  • To continue supporting students who have been victimised by SOAS
  • Reaffirm commitment to Justice for Workers
  • Allow students to access the content of the S. U’s meetings with SOAS management
  • Introduce a uniform bin system across the school

Progress on these motions can be obtained by speaking with a member of the Stduents' Union.

These motions will lapse on their respective dates in 2021/22.



Archived Policies

The below documents archive the policies passed at UGMs in SOAS SU from years previous which are now outdated.

Archived Policies


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