Union General Meetings

Union General Meetings (UGMs) are your opportunity to propose, debate, and vote on new policy ideas for SOAS Students' Union to adopt.

SOAS Students' Union is run for students, by students - this is your opportunity to shape the work we do!


When's the Next UGM?

SOAS Students' Union holds 1 UGM per term. The dates for our UGMs this academic year are:


Term Proposal Deadline Discussion Space UGM
1 12pm,
Thursday 18th November 2021
Tuesday 23rd November 2021
1pm - 3pm,
Thursday 25th November 2021
2 12pm,
Thursday 3rd February 2022
Tuesday 8th February 2022
1:30pm - 3:30pm,
Thursday 10th February 2022
3 12pm,
Tuesday 3rd May 2022
1pm - 3pm,
Tuesday 10th May 2022


You can view the May 10th agenda here, and access the meeting via the Zoom link sent in the SU email.


It is also possible to call for an Emergency UGM. Please refer to the Union Constitution for more information on how to call this type of meeting.

How to: Propose a New Policy for UGM

Any SOAS student can propose a new SU policy, to be discussed at our next UGM. 


All proposals must be submitted through the UGM Motion Submission Form before the appropriate meeting deadline (above).


All proposals must adhere to a specific format. You can get support on writing and formatting your proposal on our 'How to Write a UGM Proposal' webpage or by contacting our Democracy & Education Co-President or our Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator.


You can also view previously passed UGM policy in out UGM Policy Library, to see what students have proposed previously.

How to: Debate at UGM

Before every UGM we will host a Discussion Space (dates above), providing you an opportunity to meet with other interested students and learn more about the policies to be debated in our upcoming meeting, and to start formulating your opinion on the proposals.

You will need to attend a UGM to officially have your say!


During meetings we will open the floor for opportunities to ask Questions, suggest Amendments, and provide Arguments For and Against proposals.


We will explain how meetings run in full at the start of each meeting, however please refer to our UGM Guide for Students and UGM Ground Rules to learn more ahead of our next meeting. You can also find out more about How to Use Zoom for online UGMs.

How to: Vote for Policies at UGM

Voting on proposals takes place on our UGM Voting webpage for 24 hours after each meeting.

You can vote 'For' or 'Against' each proposal, or choose to 'Abstain' and so not provide a vote.


For any further support understanding the UGM process, writing a UGM proposal, or for help with an issue voting in a UGM, please contact our:

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