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Welcome to the homepage of the SOAS SU 'Climate in the Curriculum' campaign 2020/21!


Campaign Aims

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Campaign Aims:

Climate change is an issue which will affect us all, regardless of degree programme. It's important all students are aware of the issues, and equipped with the skills to tackle climate change and fight for climate justice in whichever field they end up in. The Climate in the Curriculum campaign has 3 main aims:

  1. Assess how climate is currently present in all SOAS degree programme
  2. Understand student opinions on the incorporation of climate into the curriculum 
  3. Provide resources to help students expand their knowledge on climate

Work done in this campaign will feed directly into conversations with SOAS about the incoporation of climate into the general SOAS curriculum.


We need your help to achieve these aims!

  • Help us create maps of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against SOAS modules
  • Submit resources for our Climate Resource Bank


SDG Mapping

To assess how climate is currently present in the SOAS curriculum we're looking to map the relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against the content taught in as many SOAS modules as we can. This process - known as SDG Mapping - is common in Higher Education to assess an institution's commitment to sustainable education.


What Can You Do?

We're asking for all students to complete our UN Sustainable Development Goals Mapping Form after finishing each of their modules, to let us know how relevant you felt each SDG was to the content taught in your module. This will let us get a picture of which SDGs SOAS is engaging well in, or is not engaging in through its taught curriculum.

We've created Guidance on completing this form to help you.



Climate Resource Bank

Your interests aren't limited to the degree you're studying - and they shouldn't have to be! SOAS SU is attempting to create a Climate Resource Bank full of research articles, videos, books, podcasts, etc. on climate, for students who are looking for a way to link climate to their taught studies.


What Can You Do?

We're asking for students to submit details of any resources you've found on climate which link to your degree to our Climate Resource Bank Form.

Once we've received a number of submissions we will publish and update the Resource Bank to help students expand their knowledge on climate within the realms of their degree.



We appreciate all support in this campaign!



Further Information

Speak to our Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator, Jack, who is leading on this project.


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