Tel: 020 7898 4996

Peter Baran

General Manager

The role of General Manager is to manage the day-to-day operation of the Union to make sure it is continually successful. I head up the staff team who provide the commercial and support services, and do all the money things - if you see me with a furrowed brow I have just been paying some tax or sending in a return. So basically I manage the statutory legal charitable aspects, making sure the Union is properly administered and run. I also train and give advice to the Union officers and Trustees, as I have been around a long time I can help them avoid past mistakes and plan for the future.

That kind of experience can also help all students; my door (G6) is always open to answer any questions you may have about the Union or London (I've lived here my whole life). My role is to do anything that helps the Union run smoothly, and make student life better - from ordering beer to assigning lockers (and breaking the locks). I’m also a bit of a film buff, so if you want to just pop in for a movie recommendation feel free.

020 7898 4996
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