Khaled Ziada

Commercial Services Manager

...the cheery smile that greets you every day into the Union. Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘why does he smile so much?’ Well, I’ve got a secret: you can’t get better service & prices on those day to day items that right here in the Union Shop or Bar. Sounds crazy, I know, but trust me – I’m a Palestinian.

Profit is not my aim, spreading love and happiness is. Love and happiness is the only way to achieve world peace. I find happy people like to buy me duty free fags. (Marlboro Light please)


Commercial Services

SOAS Students' Union runs a number of different commercial services at SOAS, these provide students with quick and easy access to a variety of snacks, drinks, stationary and SOAS Merchandise; they employ a large number of students.  The Students' Union also runs the Bar in the JCR at Rusell Square.  Any surplus made in these venues is fed right back into the students union and supliments our Block Grant, helping to fund all the Sports Clubs, Societies, Events and supporting our students through the advice centre and Cultures of Resistance Scholarship.

SOAS Merchandise and tickets to our events can all be bough purchased here on the website via our Online Shop

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