Referendums are a vote of all members of SOAS Students' Union on a single question. They are called as and when required, and address large questions such as the SU's stance on a certain topic.


SU Governance Review Referendum

"Should SOAS Students' Union adopt and move to the new governance structure proposed under the 2021/22 Governance Review?"



Total Votes 99
Yes 89
No 8
Abstain 2


Context: This year SOAS Students' Union has undergone a governance review. In this process we've looked at how our existing governance and democracy structures work, if they're effectively benefitting our members, and what others in the sector are doing. Through this review we've identified areas for improvement, and have designed a new governance structure that we believe will address these issues and allow us to work better for you. The below documents outline the proposed (and now approved) changes that will be implemented in the SU.


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