Policy Library

Here you can find a copy of all the policy and procedures documents of the Students' Union:


Constitution of SOAS Students' Union

Schedule 1: Union General Meetings

Schedule 2: Union Officers

Schedule 3: Referenda and Elections

Schedule 4: Union Committees

Schedule 5: Sports a

Strategic Plan 2011 - 2016

Operating Plan 2014-15

SU Environment Policy

SU Equality & Diversity Policy


SOAS SU Audited Accounts 2014-15

SOAS SU Audited Accounts 2013-14

SOAS SU Audited Accounts 2012-13

SOAS SU Audited Accounts 2011-12

SOAS SU Audited Accounts 2010-11

SOAS SU Audited Accounts 2009-10


Advertising Policy | Sponsorship Policy

Central Policies

Disciplinary Policy

Complaints Policy

Dignity Policy

Union Opt-Out Form

General Union

Lockers Policy

Useful Forms

Risk Assessment Form

Project Funding Application Form (SOAS SU / Student Enterprise)

Students’ Union Membership Opt-Out Form

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