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Equality and Liberation

Hisham Pryce-Parchment


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I'm Hisham and I'll be your Co-President for Equality and Liberation for the next year.

I ran because my time at SOAS has made me realise that it’s the wholesome people I’ve met - their experiences, backgrounds and ways of seeing and being - that make SOAS what it is. The moments I’ve enjoyed the most are being part of the campaigns, building connections with other organisers and holding events and spaces. This work is always creative, and that element is what energises me most. I want to centre that creativity and the things the student community needs and wants to rally behind. There is no SOAS without us.

The underbelly of this is that there are many groups that continue to be underserved by SOAS, as well as a severe lack of accountability and transparency when it comes to various issues. Racist lecturers continue to work, the most precarious workers are always of a POC/woman-majority, and progress has been slow on the things that need to change now: SGBV on campus, Prevent-inspired "free speech" imperatives, the dismantling of the 'A' in SOAS, and so much more. My role as Equality and Liberation Co-President is to be a constant voice for and with those most affected by these.

For more information about my plans and priorities for the year, check out my manifesto dropdown. Can’t wait to meet many of you—you can reach me at hp19@soas.ac.uk with any questions, comments, or ideas (or even if just for a chat) x


My Manifesto

Accessibility and Transparency 

  • Campaigns and jargon-buster to be included in the Freshers’ Handbook 

  • Bring back "Get Vocal" to encourage SU accountability and transparency*

  • Run digital communications workshops for campaigns 

  • Hold weekly drop-in sessions / open-door policy in the office to encourage students to collaborate with Sabbatical officers


Building on the Blueprints 

  • Continue the fight to put the ‘A’ back in SOAS - fight for properly funded Africa department and return key modules

  • Continue to contribute to the Climate in the Curriculum review and ensure it centres racial justice 

  • Finish developing fast-tracked decolonisation/ social justice workshops with Cambridge BME Campaign 

  • Bring back the decolonisation agenda of the 2015 Rhodes Must Fall movement  - not within the institution but by supporting and working with external decolonial organisations such as Campaign Against Prison Expansion, We Exist London, Gendered Intelligence 


Pushing New Ideas 

  • Introduce a new equality and liberation symposium to engage more students in key questions and themes around equal&lib

  • Liberation through art workshops throughout the year - life drawing, poetry masterclasses, artist talks etc. 

  • Expand the operation of The Robeson, the new POC-led magazine, and ensure a proper handover 

  • Participate in the global 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence campaign in November 

  • Launch a new liberation podcast to bring outside activists into conversation with students and student campaigns 


Welfare and Support 

  • Work alongside Preventing Prevent SOAS in delivering workshops to academic and professional staff and resist new “free speech” imperatives 

  • Prioritise supporting the Trans* Equality policy review alongside Gendered Intelligence, ensuring that it is followed up by an action plan with a project lead from SOAS management

  • Expand and support the Enough is Enough campaign so that it is properly funded and coordinated  

  • Work with part-time officers in exec to facilitate Black and POC-specific mental health access/ culturally-competent care 


Celebrating Skills 

  • No Mature/PG left behind- encourage PG students to take a larger and more active role in equality and liberation work as they bring experience and new perspectives

  • Introduce an activist/campaigns awards night - creating opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate student groups, individuals, societies and campaigns. 

  • New SU Educate + Liberate Hub  - centralise skills and knowledge of our student body (essays, literature reviews, masterclasses etc.)

Officer Blog

Keep up to date with the work I'm up to by checking out my Officer blog!


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