Krizzel Mapaye
Krizzel Mapaye

LGBTQIA+ Officer

Krizzel Mapaye




Hello! I’m Krizzel, she/they pronouns please :) And I’m the LGBTQIA+ Officer for this year!

I’m a openly bisexual non-binary individual who doesn’t really like romance but prefers baking instead! My main aims for this year involves creating accessible spaces for all queer individuals such as disabled, people of colour and trans and non-binary students to take part in. In addition, I’m looking forward to creating events that other introverts would like to join. Even though queer people of colour are starting to be recognised and realised in our society, I realise that this is probably the first time for some of you to be able to have a space where you could be openly free so please reach out when you need any support at all. Whenever you need a helping hand or going to a queer related event, I will be happy to help :) 


My Manifesto

My Queer Agenda…

  1. Accessibility (Because it should really be a given at this point anywhere)

I would actually like accessibility to be something that is implemented throughout all LGBTQIA+ events in SOAS and not just a one-off quirk to be special.

I’m tired of it not meaning anything and not asking disabled/chronically ill voices for their actual needs. I’m in the Disabled Students Society and honestly, I just want to be in a room where all my friends and I are able to participate and allowed to do whatever we want without accessibility obstacles from stopping us be independent.

Also I think it is mighty time we put disabled/chronically ill voices on the map and allow everyone to have the chance to participate in an event if they want to.


2. Events on lesser known LGBTQIA+ culture

There should be more events involving other parts of LGBTQIA+ culture such as trans inclusive events and more gender related events such as awareness of neopronouns.

I am also planning to have events about the A in the label which stands for Aromantic, Asexual and Agender respectively because I have not seen any A related events in SOAS for the years I have been here. Support is needed for everyone who is in the LGBTQIA+ community and not just a select few. 


3. Mixture of different events, not just parties and going out.

I am an introvert and I always wanted LGBTQ+ events to be more chill and relaxed. I think there should be more of a balance for those who prefer events to be quieter and more laid back instead of going out to parties at late nights.

Given Covid has shown it is definitely possible, there could be Game Nights or Queer Café where we simply get to know each other. There is space for going out with the mates but there should also be space for cuddling with the bros (6 feet apart because they're not gay).

We need to create a community again in SOAS and having more events where people are able to express themselves freely is a step forward in that direction.



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