Felix Henson
Felix Henson

Disabled Students' and Carers Officer

Felix Henson


Email: sudisabilities@soas.ac.uk


I'm Felix, I'm a returning officer from last year, and I use they/them pronouns. My aims at SOAS are to improve this university for disabled students, both in terms of accessibility and disability-inclusive education of staff. I also pursue this aim in my capacity as President of SOAS Disabled Students Society. However, as an officer, I am more able to deal with individual cases than the society necessarily is, and I would encourage any student struggling, whether it be with the implementation (or lack thereof) of their SIP, mitigating circumstances, difficulties with lecturers, benefits/ welfare, or any other need you have, I will be happy to help and to meet you.


My Manifesto

- Inclusive assessment methods


- Continue to strengthen the disabled students’ society so it is capable of lasting and providing ongoing support beyond individual students graduating


-Work with POC on their experience of disability to ensure that the university can provide adequate and sensitive support to all disabled students


-Continue to diversify module syllabi


-Work on making spaces not only accessible, but also inclusive


-Coordinate with disabled officers across the country to share resources and support each other’s events and strengthen our universities’ policies.


-Work with student services to ensure benefits support is available and they have staff and equipment to help students with ESA and PIP assessments.


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