Sarah Skoropa
Sarah Skoropa

Academic Affairs Officer

Sarah Skoropa




Hello all, I’m Sarah. I am your Academic Affairs Officer for this academic year, and I am really looking forward to working with all of you! I am here to help you navigate academic issues that you might face during your studies. I am also a resource for our fabulous student representatives. Please reach out when you have questions or issues, and need some support, or help navigating the sometimes-confusing academic system. This is my third time studying at a higher education institution, so I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks that I cannot wait to use to help all my fellow students!


My Manifesto

What will I do for you and how?

I will bring my experience and interdisciplinary background to advocate for the education and academic policies we deserve. 

I will keep in close contact with student representatives, providing them with resources and support so they can best support and convey your voices. I will do this through creating learning programs and resources to navigate department bureaucracy. I will also work closely with representatives to provide higher level support and escalate the issue when unreceptive department leaders dismiss legitimate student concerns or assign blame, as we have seen happen far too often. I will not let your voices go unheard.  

I will consult with my fellow officers to advocate for incorporating their voices and issues into our academic landscape, including, Anti-Racism, Disabled Students’ & Carers, International, LGBTQIA+, Mature students, PoC, Trans* & Gender Identity, Womxns, Working Class Students, and Student Parents. I will also work closely with both postgraduate taught and research officers to ensure the concerns of students of both modes of study are addressed, while including distance learning students in our conversations. I will also bring up the inconsistency of alternative assessment options between instructors.

I will work to address the glaring inadequacies of the SOAS library system, from difficult to use and outdated online search, to lack of relevant resources, and everything in-between. I will also address the glaring lack of study spaces accessible to students, including addressing the unmet needs of student parents and disabled students. 


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