NSS Debate 2018/19

This page will be constantly updated with information on the NSS - please send in any info you have/find that may be useful for others. Every entry will be dated, created an archive of the NSS conversation for 2018/19.



In the last two years, the Students' Union has boycotted the NSS. In 2016/17 we successfully boycotted the NSS as part of the national camapign, in 2017/18, the boycott was unsuccessful.

The decision on the NSS was taken at a UGM in 2017/18 and voted in favour of the boycott. However, a large majority of students chose to fill in the survey regardless, and as such, the boycott was unsuccesful. This outcome has lead us to take the decision to take the vote to an all student referedum to ensure that the SU is representing the majority of its members

The referendum will be opening on the 10th Jan @ 17:00


To Boycott or Not to Boycott (10th Jan, 15 - 17:00, Senate House Atrium)

Ahead of this, the SU will be faciliatating a debate.

The Agenda will be:

- A summary of why the NSS conversation is being had

- A brief history of the NSS Boycott

- Speeches FOR and AGAINST the Boycott

There will be an open debate after the agenda

If you wish to speak at the event (in one of the pre-planned speeches) please email sb203@soas.ac.uk


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