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Get a SOAS Locker

About 1000 student lockers sit around the buildings of the Russell Square Campus.  They're about the size of a sports bag; whilst they are NOT good for valuables they are handy for books.  

UPDATE: Jan 2020 : we're no longer allocating any further lockers. There are approximately 250 lockers around campus which are currently unoccupied. If you find an empty locker you can use it until the end of the year (July 2020)

Lockers are popular, we allocate on based on who has contacted us first, and if there are no available lockers we will add you to a waiting list, and contact you when a locker becomes available.

  1. Email your name, SOAS ID and course end date (include locker in the subject line)
  2. Wait for an email allocating you a locker number
  3. Put a lock on it FAST.

If you skip this process and just take a locker you will find a note of warning followed within days by the lock being broken and the locker emptied.  Lockers are allocated until the to the end of the academic year.  Email and let us know about any problems (e.g. squatters) or if you no longer need use of the locker so that it can be re-allocated.

We allocate a number of lockers in particular locations for anyone with access needs, which are organised through the disability office. Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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