Liberation Caucuses

The liberation caucuses will meet at least twice a term, and they are there for you to build community, share your experiences and mobilise together on issues that matter to you. 

These caucuses will select a member to join the Executive Committee of the SU (where the Co-Presidents meet with caucus representatives and open-portfolio officers) alongside appointing individuals within the group to take a lead on convening the caucus' priorities.

If you want to know more, feel free to have a read of our recent governance review and find the sections on Liberation Caucuses.

If you self-identify with any of the below caucuses and would like to join them please click on the relevant one(s) and click "Join Society", and don't forget to proceed to checkout to finalise your membership.

Click the below link for the caucus elections page!

What do liberation caucus delegates do?

Before our recent governance review SOAS SU had part-time officers, who were elected into posts representing specific demographics of the student body at SOAS (eg. Disability officer, International students officer).


These part-time officer roles have been reorganised into liberation caucuses, and open-portfolio officers. Each liberation caucus will select a member to represent the caucus on the executive committee (where the liberation delegates, open-portfolio officers, post graduate research representative and Co-Presidents come together.


The delegate will take the lead on delivering the group’s priorities/campaigns/initiatives, and will work closely with the Co-President of Equality and Liberation.


The executive committee will meet every two weeks, so if you'd like to become the delegate for your liberation caucus please bear in mind that attending these meetings regularly is necessary.

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