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Get Involved

If you're interested in sustainability, cilmate change/justice, and the environment, there is lots to get involved with at SOAS Students' Union!


There are a number of active environmental focussed societies on campus for you to join (see below). If you have an idea for an environmental society you'd like to start that doesn't currently exist, our Activities & Events Coordinator can help you set this up.

Common Ground Community Garden | Cycle Co-op | Food Co-op | Herb Society | Hiking Society | Solar SOAS | Water Aid


There are a number of active campaigns running at SOAS SU which focus on the environment for you to engage with:

  • Climate in the Curriculum: Help us map the relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the taught content of your modules to assess how well SOAS is engaging with sustainable education across it's curriculum.
  • Environmenstrual: To help address period poverty, SOAS SU sells Mooncups and reusable sanitary pads at wholesale prices for students. We are also interested in running any events relating to period poverty - so get in touch!
  • Youth Climate Strikes: We are committed to supporting the global Youth Climate Strikes. If you would like to help organise an activity around this, please contact our Environment Officer.

Previous successful SU campaigns include Solar SOAS, which saw 114 solar panels installed on the roof of the Main Building (which now generate electricity for SOAS!), Divest SOAS, which saw SOAS become the 1st UK university to divest from fossil fuels in 2017, Climate Crisis, which saw SOAS SU declare a climate emergency in May 2019, and our Coffee Cups & Grounds campaign which saw the SU shop start selling reduced price Keepcups, charging 25p for disposable coffee cups, and collecting our coffee grounds to be recycled into bioenergy.

Other Opportunities

We continuously welcome suggestions for how the SU can be more environmentally friendly, whether that be by speaking directly with our Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator or our Environment Officer, or by submitting an environmentally focussed UGM policy

Annually SOAS SU runs a week of events focussed on the environment and climate change/justice, known as Green Week. Taking place in February, we love to have students input ideas or even running events as part of the week! We additionally take part in the annual SOS-UK Green Impact scheme, and welcome students to get involved by helping us meet our sustainability criteria for the scheme.


Staff & Officers

Within SOAS SU sustainability work is spearheaded by our full time Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator, and our part time student Environment Officer. We are continuously looking at how to reduce our carbon footprint, educate and engage our members in climate issues, and work with our members, the School, and the wider community to make change.


Role Who? Work
Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator Jack Di Francesco
  • NUS Green Impact lead
  • Support student sustainability ideas and campaigns
  • Liaise with the School and Bloomsbury Greenthing
  • Member of the SOAS Climate Action Group
  • Chair of the SOAS SU Sustainability Group
Environment Officer

Janat Malik

  • Support student sustainability ideas and campaigns
  • Run events and campaigns to engage the student body (inc. Green Week)
  • Member of the SOAS Climate Action Group



NUS Green Impact

  • 2019/20: Very Good
  • 2018/19: Excellent
  • 2017/18: Excellent
  • 2016/17: N/A
  • 2015/16: Excellent


People & Planet Green University League

  • 2019: TBC
  • 2018: 31st
  • 2017: 59th
  • 2016: 25th
  • 2015: 49th


Brite Green Award

2015: For achieving 'outstanding carbon reductions.


EcoCampus ISO-14001

2016: EcoCampus Platinum Award



Year Research
2020/21 Sustainability Survey 2020
2019/20 n/a

Takeaway Cup Survey

Menstrual Product Survey 


Hot Drinks Survey



  • Environmental Impact Register
  • SMART Goals 

The Environmental Impact Register and SMART Goals will be updated soon!

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