SOAS Radio

Room: MB545

Radio Manager: Fred Molin


SOAS Radio exists as a independent media hub for students, academics and like-minded communities to share their knowledge and stories. Notable guest recordings include Luisa Diogo, Noam Chomsky, Fatima Bhutto, Yash Chopra, Danny Choo, Ken Loach, and Amadou and Mariam.

As a production company, our clients include the Centre of African Studies, PositiveNegatives, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Royal African Society, London International Development Centre and the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy.

The station supports academic teaching, including Presenting World Music on Radio with Lucy Duran, BBC3 presenter of World Routes and Music Planet, and Making Digital Media with Caspar Melville. The courses were awarded a Director's Teaching Prize in 2009 and 2018 for their combination of academic and practical learning outcomes.

SOAS Radio has acted as a consultant of Communication for Development projects in the UK and Africa. We have worked in the Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana, contributing to the setting-up and running of Biso na Biso, a community radio station for the Forest semi-nomadic Indigenous People in the North-East Republic of Congo and JT Live Radio, Ghana, a youth-led online radio station based in Jamestown, Accra.

Zeinab Badawi, BBC Presenter said: "As both a broadcast journalist and a SOAS alumna, I'm pleased to see the growth of SOAS Radio. It's an outlet for the incredible diversity of voices at the School as well as a much-needed training ground for the next generation of broadcasters."

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