Thefts on campus

Keeping safe from opportunistic theft



We have had reports of opportunistic thefts of mobile phones and bags in the streets around the University of London buildings. Some incidents have involved people on bikes or motorbikes cycling through the main gates that lead to SOAS, and stealthily snatching phones from people’s hands. 

There is no indication that the Precinct or the immediate areas around the School are any more targeted than elsewhere in London, so staying safe around the streets is important across all parts of the city.

We are reminding students of the need to be vigilant and alert to the risks. If you can, travel in daylight hours and in company, and be careful with your electronic devices and bags.

There is good advice from the following sources:

If you are the victim of crime, if you feel comfortable please report it to police immediately and you can seek advice from security teams at the School, and from SU staff if the office is open.  You can have support here to help cancel your SIM cards, credit cards, change passwords and so on.

If you are the victim or witness of a crime and would like emotional support, then we would encourage you to attend a Wellbeing Drop-in at Student Advice and Wellbeing (please email for the current times):

We are looking with University of London security teams at what additional measures we might be able to put in place, if anything can be done to reduce risks. We’ll keep you updated.

But the best advice is to ensure you are alert and taking all steps to keep yourself and your possessions safe.


Best wishes,

Rychard Scrase-Field - Director of Estates (Campus Services)

Hau-Yu Tam - Students' Union, Co-President Democracy & Education

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