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Repairly - London’s #1 on demand phone & tablet repair service. They have spent the last 2 years developing the ability to pick up, repair and drop off a large range of Phones/Tablets within 3 hours.

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From Monday 18th September, HIPCHIPS, London’s first crisp and dip concept is offering a free Signal lager or Gordon’s gin and tonic with every medium box every Monday for students at it’s Soho store on Old Compton Street from 3pm-8pm.

On the first day of the week, cash-strapped students can beat those Monday blues and take the edge of Monday lectures with a complimentary Signal lager or Gordon’s gin and tonic with every medium box of handcrafted heritage crisps, which is paired with a unique menu of sweet and savoury dips. 

Influenced by classic British combinations and international flavours, the sweet and savoury dips range from Katsu Curry and Smokey Cheese Fondue to Nutella and Chocolate Salty Caramel Cheesecake. HIPCHIPS also creates a special savoury and pudding dip of the month. Jalapeno, Coriander & Lime and Strawberry & Cream / Pimms both feature on September’s menu. These moreish dips are all made from the finest seasonal ingredients, and designed to mix, match and share with friends and fellow roomies.

Please note this exclusive special offer is only redeemable with proof of student identification.



Book Bursary - National Book Tokens

We're kicking off another academic year by giving away £1,000 of National Book Tokens in our massive Book Bursary. Last year, Rhys won £1,000 to spend on books – and it could be one of your students this year!

Students at SOAS can enter here: We’ve also posted on Twitter here and Facebook here, if you would like to share it on your own channels. Students can be nominated - or they can nominate themselves. The competition closes on Thursday 19th October.

National Book Tokens are ideal for students; they can only be spent on books, so are a great way to help budget for those expensive course texts, and can be spent in thousands of bookshops, online and on eBooks.


Student Loans
For all home undergrads, SOAS will inform the Student Loan Company of your student status the day you enrol, and your student loan will be released and in your bank within 3 days. If you applied late or your loan is held up and you run out of money, SOAS’ Welfare Advisers may be able to help you (see page 54-56). If there are any problems with receiving your loan, contact Registry via the Student Information Desk (SID).
International students and postgrads must make their own arrangements to cover their expenses through loans, scholarships, savings or money from family. Advice is available through Student Advice & Wellbeing advisors. (see pages 52-54)

University can be an expensive place, and London’s not cheap.  Here are some tips to help you manage your money! 

Bank Accounts
UK students: Student bank accounts often have enticing offers! But, remember that you will probably stick with your bank after graduating so check interest rates, overdraft facilities & graduate conditions. 
International (including EU) students: the accounts available for you are more restrictive and have less facilities. To open an account you will need a letter from SOAS confirming your student status, passport, and possibly other documentation. More info: 
Budgeting Tips
Who to turn to for advice? SOAS Student Advice & Wellbeing have information on their website and Welfare Advisers who can help out. 
- Watch out for debt! With increasing tuition fees, uncapped rents, privatised public services and credit-hungry banks, London’s pricey cost of living might easily push you to taking on debts to make ends meet. But - try to avoid this as much as possible!
- Credit cards or ‘pay day’ loans can plague you for years to come; these short-term loans tend to have high interest rates & tend to accumulate. Stay clear of them! 
- Benefits entitlements: You may be eligible for social security benefits if you have a disability, children, or are studying part-time. Ask your local JobCentre Plus or Citizens’ Advice in any case!
- SOAS Hardship Fund: Student Advice & Wellbeing has money set aside as hardship funds for students in dire need. You must show that you are struggling financially to obtain it. Most of this is aimed at UK students, though there can be small grants for international students in exceptional hardship.
- Always ask for discounts: Make it a habit to ask for discounts (especially student discounts) at shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. Also, the NUS Extra card (£12 online) can get you discounts:   
- Plan! Take some time to make a spreadsheet to calculate your monthly budget. It really does help, both to stay on top of things and to avoid end of month anxiety. See previous page for sample table.
- Record your spending; with a budgeting app, with a debit card that records spending (e.g. Monzo), or with good old fashioned pen & paper.


Getting a job 
There are actually lots of part-time jobs available, and many of you will end up working alongside your studies. The key is to find a balanced timetable that works for you, your education, and your wellbeing. There are jobs in the S.U., at SOAS, and close-by in cafes & supermarkets. Look out for London Living Wage jobs & workers’ rights info on the S.U. website:

• Bulk buy special offers on staple items. (But beware buying things you don’t need just because of tempting offers!)
• Use the weekly Food Co-op in the JCR (food @ wholesale prices)
• Use markets for fruit, veg & toiletries - shop around and get familiar with the choices beyond your supermarket
• Make packed lunch, or have Hare Krishna (small donations)
• Bring your own mug for hot drinks & avoid 20p charge per cup in S.U. shop!
• Use charity shops & markets for clothes
• Freeze food so it doesn’t go off
• If you have food left in the fridge & you are going away or it is going off - make it all into a soup and freeze it
• Cheapest cinema tickets before 5pm on weekdays (weekends are priciest)
• Try to cook/eat meals with your flatmates - if you all pitch in together it ends up being much cheaper!
• Cycle! Cheaper, greener, quicker travel
• Ask for ‘Student Discount’ (~20% off)
• For extensive advice on finding deals & using loyalty cards, check out ‘’ & ‘’
• Look on the bottom shelf at supermarkets - they always put the priciest products at eye level
• Sell your old clothes/clutter on ebay or at jumble sales/carboot sales
• Use the Olio App for free food shares: - bin diving works too
• Use the network to find stuff people are giving away free in your local area

As always, we urge anyone struggling financially to get in touch with the Students’ Union (, or Susanna - or Student Advice & Wellbeing.

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