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Malaysian Society


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Apa khabar! Ni hao! Vanakkam! Hello!  

We are the Malaysian Society, a society dedicated to representing and celebrating the multicultural beauty of our Southeast Asian home! We aim to provide a place for Malaysian students in SOAS to connect with their roots and feel at home despite being 10,500km away from home. We hope to provide a ton of opportunities for you guys to attend networking events, collaborate with other Malaysian Societies in the UK, and of course, to meet up and eat lots and lots of good food together.

On top of that, we also aspire to introduce other fellow SOAS-ians (Malaysian or not) to the endearing charm of our country and its citizens. Join us to enjoy the exciting and the yummy goodness of our cultural heterogeneity. Our society is open to all; Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike, those curious about our heritage, and even just those looking for a family to call their second home.