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World Development Society


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World Dev aims to provide a platform for all SOAS students to debate and develop a challenging understanding of global development issues, and provide alternative solutions to a myriad of development problems. We hope to foster critical insight into key topics such as climate change, sustainable economic development, inequality, humanitarianism, migration and more. It’s crucial to us to empower all our students from both early and late developing countries, which we aim to do via a series of meetings, workshops, guest speakers and conference trips. Come along and find out more about global development and how we can all contribute!

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Facebook: SOAS World Development Society

Instagram: @soasworlddev

Linkedin: SOAS Development Society



London Development Symposium 2020

The society partnered up with LSE's International Development Society to host the first student-led development conference based in London. The event was a massive success, making it the largest student-led conference in Europe the year we started. As such, we are excited to announce that SOAS World Development Society is continuing this partnership with LSE to host the 2021 edition this year and we are excited for you to join us in making it a success.

Find out more at: 

Internships in Development 2020

The society hosted an internship event in order for development students and those interested in the field to ask questions and better understand what a career in development entails. We invited speakers from Chemonics, an international development consultancy, and London International Development Centre. 

Symposiums/Conference Events

The society managed to secure some tickets to the 'UN, Great Powers & Global Peace' Conference that was happening in London in 2019. Hosted by Uniting for Peace, SOAS World Dev managed to bring some students to the conference to hear from esteemed speakers debate about the UN's role in today's world.



President: Isabella Ilhan

Secretary: Anna Palucha

Treasurer: Julia Soldrzynski

Head of Events: Meryem El Mouhib