Art and the African Mind


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About Art and the African Mind


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Welcome Week 2021

Art and the African Mind


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Art and the African Mind is a society that seeks to promote the work of artists in all forms, regularly holding workshops and events that showcase the multifaceted faces of African talent. It is based on the principle of a unified African future which edifies both Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.

Africa for the African.


What is AAM About? 

AAM is a society that represents Black students at SOAS, in advocacy, mobilising and steering conversations with the university regarding Anti-Blackness and racism on campus, encouraging equal participation and recognition of Black students’ academic work and their cultural epistemologies, provision of wellbeing for Black students and addressing institutional racism at all levels.

Activities & Events

  • AAM Meet n Greet

  • AAM Film screening and Q&A 

  • Black Student CALL-IN

  • MRLIB Campaign 

  • Ode to the Houses of Joy – AAM X SU late license

  • New committee call-out

  • Workshops with SU on Afriphobia and Anti-Blackness.

  • Where is the ‘A’ in SOAS rally. 

  • Black healing session (Guided Meditation, group conversation)

  • Societies collaboration