Freshers Fayre is your opportunity to meet all of the SU's sports teams and societies, find out what they do, and register your interest to join. It's free to attend - just come to campus and explore!



Friday 1st October

10am - 11am: Accessible hour
(for students with disabilities, families, and people who need to have a quieter, less busy experience)

11am - 4pm: Open to all students



To try and spread everyone out, Freshers Fayre will be taking place across campus at:

Paul Webley Wing Main Atrium

Main Building SU Spaces (JCR and Bar)

Outdoor Marque space


We encourage all students to maintain social distancing as best as possible, wear facemasks when indoors, and sanitise your hands regularly while walking through the Fayre. One way systems will be in place around the Fayre to keep everyone safe. Please be respectful of others and do not block walkways or stalls.


Who's Attending?: 

Societies and sports teams currently registered to be attending Freshers Fayre are:

ABACUS Society

Afghanistan Society

Anime Society


Bangla Society

Bar Society

BJJ Society

Boys in Polish

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

CARE Society

Chinese Music Ensemble

Christian Union

Consulting Society


Crypto and Blockchain Society

Daf Society

Dance Society

Desi Society

Disabled Students Society

ELSA Society

Feminist Society

Film Society

Football (Men's)

Football (Women's)

History Society

Hong Kong Society

Indian Society

Investment Impact Society

Islamic Society

Italian Society

Justice for Workers

Kurdish Society

Law Society

London International Development Centre

Mahjong Society

Malaysian Society

Marxist Society

MENA Society


Open Economics Forum

Painting Society

Pakistan Society

Palestine Society

Photography Society

Policy Forum

Relief Society

Rugby (Men's)

Student Representatives


SOAS Sikh Society

Step Up Universities

Sylheti Project

Table Tennis

University of London Snow Sports

Volleyball Society

World Development Society


... and more to be announced!



Welcome Week 2021