Black Students' Night: Afrikan Students' Social
Meet, greet and get to know Afrikan students at SOAS.

Black Students' Night: Afrikan Students' Social

When: Thu 07 October 2021 18:00-21:00
Where: KLT

Meet, greet and get to know Afrikan students at SOAS.

Hear about the spaces you can go to for support

Get updated and informed about current campaigns such as My Reading List Is Black and #FIREHABIB

Meet the committee members of  Art and the African Mind,  African and Caribbean Societies and your Co-Presidents Hisham & Ankunda xoxo 



(((((This event is for students of Afrikan heritage only))))


********The word Afrikan is used rather than the traditional African in most instances. Spelling Afrika with a ‘K’ represents an acknowledgment that ‘Africa’ is not the true name of that vast continent. In doing so it represents a non-European, Afrikan-centred perspective. Hence, Afrika with a ‘K’ offers a redefined and potentially different Afrika, symbolising the reclaiming of a unified Afrikan identity and people worldwide. (Miller, 1986: 35)

ii. Afriphobia is specifically racism against Afrikan/African People. It refers to a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards Afrikan people globally. Definitions refer to irrational fear, with the implication of antipathy, contempt and aversion. It is apparent in acts of discrimination and racist violence on the basis of a person’s skin colour, racial/ethnic origin, and nationality. Afriphobia is discrimination on grounds that seek to dehumanise a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood, this includes Afriphobic hate crimes through verbal abuse, degrading language and physical violence against Afrikan people.

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