Everything you need to know about our mandatory Consent Workshops
Everything you need to know about our mandatory Consent Workshops

The Enough is Enough Consent and Active Bystander Workshop is a mandatory workshop for all incoming students, set up to combat sexual and gendered violence, as well as other forms of harassment, violence and abuse.

We will cover issues around consent within systems of power and discuss various intersecting identity categories, such as gender, sexuality and race. The workshops aim at building awareness and providing everyone with an understanding of consent to create an enjoyable environment for everyone during your university experience.

All new students will automatically enrolled in the mandatory Consent and Active Bystander training sessions. These sessions will give you the knowledge to create a consent culture, the skills to challenge harmful behaviours and information about reporting and support options.

These sessions are designed to look at sexual and gender based violence from a survivor perspective. These sessions will appear in all new students timetables and it is important that you attend. If you are unable to attend you must contact  

Whether you are new to the discussion around consent, or you already have experience - we invite you to join the discussion and learn from each other. We look forward to seeing you in a workshop soon! 

Our facilitators are trained to deliver sensitive content and will give trigger warnings when necessary

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