Academic Support

During your time studying you may require some academic support.

Below we've listed the academic processes at SOAS that SOAS SU can support you through. For more information, please contact the SU Advice Caseworker.


Academic Appeals

What are Academic Appeals: An academic appeal is a request to appeal an academic decision made by the University. This includes decisions relation to assignment marks, module and degree results.


Why use the Appeals Process: You can use the Appeals process to challenge decisions made by the school.


More information on Appeals on the SOAS website:


Who You Can Contact:

  • For further information on the appeals process please contact the appeals team via
  • For advice on drafting and applying for and academic appeal please contact the SU Advice Caseworker

Complaints Against SOAS or SOAS SU

What are Complaints at SOAS: A complaint is an expression or statement that something has been experienced as unsatisfactory or unacceptable.


Why use the Complaints process at SOAS: You can use this process to make a complaint against services provided by the school or the SU in order to have you voice heard but also to seek for various forms of compensation.


More Information on Complaints on the SOAS Website:


More Information on Complaints on the SU Website: See under 'Policies' for SU Complaints Policy


Who You Can Contact:

Mitigating Circumstances

What are Mitigating Circumstances: Mitigating circumstances (MCs) are any unforeseen circumstances that are beyond your control and significantly disrupt your academic performance in assessments.


Why use MCs: The Mitigating circumstances process can be used if your academic studies have been adversely affected by unforeseen circumstances.


More Information on MCs on SOAS Website:


Who You Can Contact:

Plagiarism Hearings

What are Plagiarism Hearings: Students are invited to attend plagiarism hearings if the schoolaccuses students of presenting another persons thoughts and words as their own in assessments.


Why use the Plagiarism Hearing: Should you be suspected of plagiarism the school will invite you to attend a Panel where you will be asked questions in order to understand the circumstances. You will also have a chance to present your views to the panel.


More information on Plagiarism on the SOAS Website:


Who You Can Contact:


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