The academic and professional services workers unions on campus, UCU and UNISON, are taking part in national strike action over a number of days in early 2022:

  • Monday 14th February - Friday 18th February
  • Monday 21st February - Tuesday 22nd February
  • Monday 28th February - Wednesday 2nd March
  • Monday 21st March - Friday 25th March


SOAS Students' Union stands in solidary with UCU and UNISON, as voted for by our members.

To help support our students during these strikes we've created and collated a number of resources which we encourage you to check out below.


2022 Strikes Booklet

Our 2022 Strikes Booklet is a great resource to learn more about the UCU and UNISON strikes! Read through it to find out:

  • Alternative study spaces
  • Alternative faith spaces
  • Asnwers to some frequently asked questions
  • Why are staff striking?
  • What does striking and picketing mean and look like in practice?
  • How will the strikes impact students?
  • How can students support the strikes?


2022 Strikes FAQs

In addition to the 2022 Strikes Booklet, we've put together a 2022 Strikes FAQ document to help answer some of the questions you might have about the strikes.


If your question isn't answered in either our booklet or FAQ, use our Padlet below to ask us directly!

Share Your Questions, Concerns and Suggestions About the Strikes

We know that there can be a lot of uncertainty during strike periods, so we've set up a SU Strikes Padlet for you to:

  • Ask us any questions you have (e.g. "will there be access to the library during strike days?")
  • Raise any concerns you have (e.g. "I have to go into SOAS on a strike day, will I be okay crossing the picket?")
  • Suggest things which may help other students during strike dates (e.g. alternative study spaces)

2022 Strikes Teach Out Schedule

On strike days we are organising teach outs on the picket line so that students can come along and learn more about different topics while simultanesouly showing support to strikes.


View the full teach out schedule now!



A Video Message From Striking Staff

UCU and UNISON workers have made a video message for students to help explain why they are taking strike action - we recommend watching this to learn more!


Angry about the strikes? Staff are too! Check out this video update from striking staff

Write to SOAS Management

Angry about the strike? Write a letter to SOAS senior management asking them to take action to stop the strike!


Use our Strike Email Template to show your solidarity and demand they take action.

Student Strike Solidarity Group

If you would like to stay in the loop about strike action, and help with some of the organising, please join the SOAS Student Strike Solidarity WhatsApp group!

NUS Student Walkout / Teach In

The National Union of Students (NUS) is planning a Student Walkout / Teach In.


Not sure what a Walkout / Teach In is? The NUS is describing this event as: 'We’re tired of asking for scraps from these governments: we all want to see a radically different education, and we want to build a movement that can win it. That means we need to build the type of education we want first – and that’s what we’ll do here.'


We can all fight for a better education system!

Photos From Term 1 Strikes

Strikes and picket lines might sound scary or intense, but they're actually great community building moments.


Check out these photos from the term 1 strikes to get a better idea of what you can expect if you come down to the picket line on strike days.

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