SPORTS AWARDS 2013-2014!!!


**Student’s Union Awards** 

Lifetime Commitment to SOAS Sports 2008-2014: Timothy Henderson 
Most Committed to SOAS Sports 2013-2014: Selja Selja Ryöppy
Most Committed to SOAS Sports 2013-2014: Nadine Foty 
Most Committed to SOAS Sports 2013-2014: Florence Savage
Most Committed to SOAS Sports 2013-2014: Sadiah Waziri
Most Involved in SOAS Sports: 2009-2014: Sam Navaratnam 
Men’s Captain of the Year 2013-2014: Rabah Tahraoui
Women’s Captain of the Year 2013-2014: Sacha Brenn
Best Man Ever!!: Bijan Hakimian

**Men’s Football 1st** 

Most Valuable Player: Tiago Coelho
Mr. Indispensable: Jordan Howes 
Most Committed: Theodore Salvesen


Clubman of the Year: Zakaria Yousuf OK
Most Committed Player: Chaitanya Raj Singh 
Most Committed: Chaitanya Raj Singh

**Women’s Football** 

Top scorer: Florence Savage
Clumsiest Player: Olivia Eyimofe Race
Most Committed: Basma Eid

**Women’s Squash** 

Player of the year: Becca Jevons
Most Committed Player: Linda Stokke
Most Comitted: Linda Stokke

**Men’s Squash** 

Player of the Year: Tom Chapman
Most Committed Player: Zio Kang
Most Committed: Zio kang

**Women’s Netball** 

Most Committed to their Position: Hannah Goodwin
Most Enthusiastic Player: Georgia Leach 
Most Committed: Florence Savage

**Men’s Rugby Union** 

Most Valuable Player: Matt Matthew Baker
Most Improved Player: David Somni
Dick of the Year: Edward Wright


Best Women’s Player: Sarah Heng
Best Men’s Player: Joe Cowling

**Men’s Basketball 2nd** 

Most Valuable Player: Jeanne Swee
Most Valuable Player: Dom Poon

**Mixed Volleyball** 

Most improved male: Amin Ghorbani
Most improved female: Heather Todd
Most Committed: Heather Todd

**Women’s Basketball** 

Most Valuable Player: Nadine Foty
Rookie of the Year: Ginevra Ossola 
Most Committed Player- Aida Aïda Roumer
Long- Term Dedication- Marilu Lucescu

**Men’s and Women’s Tennis** 

Most Valuable Player: Tommy Benfey
Most Valuable Player: Grace Quinn
Most Committed: Paulina Kanarek

**Men's Basketball**

Most Valuable Player: Ivan Donduro
Most Improved Player: Dom Poon
Most Committed: Alex Adipas

**Men's Football 2nd** 

Most Valuable Player: Max Haynes
The Most Consistent Player: Tomas Zak 
The Clean Sheet Master: Cameron Krogh Stone
The Best Defender: David Laumann
The Best Midfielder: Daniel Robert
The Best Striker: Ryota Takagi
Top Goal Scorer: Christopher Georgiou
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