Reward and recognition


Students Reps are volunteers. but what is gained by becoming a rep? Those who complete the year will have built relationships with fellow students and academics, staff from different parts of the school, and will have experiences that can only be gained by getting involved and active in education. 

Some of the key benefits include:

Gaining influence and insight 

Representatives can affect real, lasting positive change and through doing so in a supportive and inclusive environment, develop a whole range of transferable skills and experiences for the future workplace while working with and on behalf of your academic community to enhance the student experience.

Representatives help build a strong sense of community with fellow students, whether by getting immediate issues dealt with, campaigning for change in HE, or, by organising events that bring students together. Being a Representative is not just about solving problems. You have a platform to do something special with peers who share your interests and passion for change.


Professional training - transferable skills

All Representatives will receive a training session from the Students’ Union, provided at the start of T1, which prepares students for the role and provides an opportunity for Representatives to meet one another and form connections early in the academic year. All Representatives are also provided with the option to undertake a selection of Professional Skills training workshops provided by SOAS’ Staff Development team. While useful to Representatives, these sessions provide skills and training opportunities that are useful beyond the work you undertake as a Representative.


Professional Personal Reference - noting completed training and additional responsibilities

At the end of the academic year, on successful completion of your role, all Representatives will receive an individual Personal Reference Letter from the Research and Representation Coordinator within the Students’ Union, which outlines the training sessions you have completed and any additional responsibilities you undertook (via either a Student Liaison or Special Interest role) throughout the academic year.


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