The CDR (Comprehensive Departmental Reviews)

CDR's are new in 2018-19. They replace the PPR (Periodic Programme Review) and the reviews of department finance and management that were run every term, one department at a time.

A panel is formed and they conduct the review, leading to writing a report with recommendations.

The document setting out the reviews was passed in October 2018. The CDR panel include a student rep, and hold a session meeting with students on: 

  • Teaching and assessment practices (or equivalent for research
  • degrees);
  • Workload, learning resources, and student support;
  • Environment and community;
  • Mechanisms for gaining and providing feedback.



Previous PPR reports are on the school site, now in the Registry section:


For 2018/19 the following departments are up for the new review.


Term 1:



Term 2:

East Asian Languages and Cultures

History Religions and Philosophy 


Term 3:


Development Studies




The QAA (Quality Assurance Assessment)

The 6-yearly review of the school by the Quality Assurance Agency was conducted in 2012/13. The school (lead by the ADD) submitted a long self-evaluation-document or ‘SED’, and the Students’ Union (lead by the then Welfare and Education Sabb) submits a student-written-submission or ‘SWS’.

The SWS used feedback from reps discussed at the training, QAA focus groups, reports from recent years, the knowledge gained from case work, and all work done to improve things -especially by the Welfare and Education Officer etc. The draft was shared with all student reps and was taken to a UGM for further discussion and awareness.

The QAA panel released their report, stating what they found to be good about the school, what recommendations are needed to improve… You can view the full report online, or look at other instituions reports if interested.

SOAS QAA REPORT 2013 (to download)




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