You might want to make a complaint about something, or you might be asked by students your represent how they can make a complaint. There are guides on how to do this for the school, and the Union.

These links may help to direct you to the best way, and help you decide who the complaint should go to and what resolution you are seeking. Much will depend on the nature of the complaint, if it about a service or an individual(s). If you are not sure, then the guides recommend people to ask for help…

Student Reps:

If a student wishes to make a complaint about the Student Rep, in the first instance it should be raised with the Representation Coordinator at

The Student’s Union: 

If you have a complaint about any of the services, staff or officers of the S.U see the SU Complaints policy

Student Advice Caseworker:
If you or a student you know is facing difficulties regarding academic or welfare issues, and want confidential, free advice which is independent of the university, contact the S.U Advice Caseworker, Susanna Momtazuddin (sm141)

Reporting abuse and harassment:

The School:

General Guide:
Also, for more formal complaints see: Students Complaint Procedure

The Library: Feedback form

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