Research Students

The Research Student Association (RSA) and departmental Student Rep system need volunteers. There are lots of positions to put yourself forward for. 

An important person to know, and link between the RSA, research reps and the rest of the Students' Union, is the elected Research Students Officer. This academic year Pauline Broens is fulfilling the role.


Student Representatives

  • We look for a mimimum of an MPhil and a PhD rep per department; or up to one rep per year of study per department. 

See who your representative is under the link for the departments (above) or a full list of research reps only here.


Research Students Association: visit the school research site for more information

  • Secretary: produces meeting agendas; monitors attendance and quoracy; takes and ciculates minutes of decisions/ actions/ responsibilities; shares minutes with committee, Doctoral School and on Moodle.
  • Treasurer: supervision of RSA income and spending; maintains financial records; communicates with S.U and Doctoral School to coordinate funds appropriately; prepares annual budget & plan with Chair.
  • Journal Chief Editor: plan / oversee production of the RSA Journal; coordinate plan with Treasurer journal’s budget; do call out for, and appoint, additional editors; delegate editorial tasks
  • Events and Activities Officer: leads organization of RSA events and activities, inc at least one gathering/party per term; promotes activities so researchers are can participate, coordinates budget for events and activities with Treasurer.
  • Communications Officer: composes monthly email to Research students on upcoming meetings, activities, events of interest, and Doctoral School info; creates and distributes materials (posters &c.), via message boards and social media channels; manages the RSA’s online / social media presence, is moderator of discussions, bringing to attention any relevant student questions / concerns.
  • Travel, Insurance and Safety Officer: looks after fieldwork plans, liaises with school to ensure researchers safety is top priority.





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