The following candidates are standing for rep of Law UG2, for academic year 2015/16


Maisha Khanom and Daynnie (job share)

Safra and Noura Abughris (job share)

Shahd Aldin  and Aliya Al-Yassin (job share)

Students of year 1 Law (LLB) only can vote. The online ballot will stay open from the 27th April to the end of Friday 1st May. Winners will be announced on the 5th May (after Bank Holiday weekend).

Election statements: 

Maisha Khanom and Daynnie (job share)

Next year the challenges facing us will be immense. Following the uproar at the final LSAA lecture, it is fair to say that our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

Some candidates will say ‘give us your vote and we will sort out all your problems’. We say: real change comes when you are represented by dedicated individuals, willing to hear your needs.

Only together can we have our voices heard and improve relations between students and staff.

We will fight for:

1.            Recorded lectures available each week

2.            Hardcopy of ALL materials available at tutorials for the following week

3.            More in depth guidance and feedback on essays

4.            1-1 review with tutors at the end of each term

Our manifesto is ambitious but possible, bold but realistic, and reflects our experiences this year.

Over the next year we will confront many challenges; this is a moment for good judgment and strong leadership.

Our invitation today is this: VOTE FOR DAYNNIE AND MAISHA as your new Law Representatives!


Safra and Noura Abughris (job share)



Something to get you through those caffeine heavy 2am nights …

ON-GOING REVISION: Once a month, we plan on arranging study sessions to go over each module to tackle the main objectives, consolidate your learning and catch up on any topic or point that you are not sure about.

EXAM & COURSEWORK : Study groups will also be arranged to hold discussions about coursework questions and bounce ideas of each other.

ESSAY BANK: A place where you can access older students notes     and access other useful resources as well as, past exam questions and answers.


CHILL SESSIONS: Organised social nights where you can all kick back from stress and get to know each other better

NETWORKING EVENTS: We are going  to be collaborating a lot with the Law Society  to ensure second year students are fully in the loop and aware of all the great opportunities available to them.

First Year was practise …. Second year is GAME TIME!


Shahd Aldin  and Aliya Al-Yassin (job share)


If you haven't had enough of our keen enthusiasm in lectures, here we are running for joint student reps!!  Shahd will deal with serious enquiries and Aliya will add comic relief to the struggle of studying law.  We love complaining, especially about having to learn dates and courts, so we'll make sure that we will fight for our rights to get top grades with minimal knowledge. Jokes aside, we're professional, diligent and efficient. Check out our pretentious LinkedIn profiles if you're unconvinced. (Seems like we can't stop the banterations. Law without banter is lame.)

Shahd's edit:

- organise trips to court, in collab with law society (we'll hold Salwa to account on organising events!)

- ensure that students have a shoulder to cry on (Shahd's taking the cores & Aliya's doing optionals next year so we'll have a finger in every pie)

- ensure that we have syllabi in the beginning of the year so we reduce organisation problems

- make clapping after lectures compulsory


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