The Langauge Centre

Representatives for 2016/17


PG Certificate in teaching Chinese

Miss Yunwen Xiao

PG Certificate in teaching Chinese

Miss Wenqin Lin

Diploma in Communicative Chinese

Edmund Lee

Diploma in Communicative Arabic

Caitlin McNamara

Diploma in Communicative Arabic

James Whamond




Most recent NSS information

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Last PPR report

Was made 2014, awaiting report to be published. Access via school site.



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Ethical Careers Fair and Conference
25th April 11am - 7pm
Brunei Gallery
Careers Fair and panel talks
PPR Politics and International Studies
1st May 9am - 4pm
Programme Review panel meets students
PPR Interdisciplinary Studies
5th June 9am - 5:30pm
Panel meets students face-to-face