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Two rounds of elections have now be completed, and 156 Students are in place representing students in the department meetings and elsewhere. 

See who your Rep is on the Find My Rep page.

Rep Posts

The number of Student Representative positions available per Department, Centre or School for the 2021-22 academic year are as shown below:



1x Rep per 50 students, per Foundation Year Pathway (Business, Management, Economics and Law; Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities)


1 Rep per programme (ELAS / FDPS / ICC)

UG (per Department)

1 Rep for up to 50 students

plus a Rep for every additional 50 students.

(The exact student numbers will be known once enrolment is over, and the number of posts will be adjusted at that time)


1 Rep per programme including MRes and Postgraduate diploma programmes

1 Rep per online/distance learning programme


1 Rep for MPhil; 1 Rep for PhD per Department


Elections have taken place. Vacancies will now be filled in a second round of elections on this page.


Timeline for second-round of elections




Re-opened nominations period

17th Nov until 10am 25th Nov

Voting Period

12 noon 25th until 10am 30th Nov

Results Announced

30th November 5pm

How To Run and How To Vote

How to run for election

You must be a fully enrolled SOAS student to run for Student Rep.

The nomination period to fill vacancies is to be confirmed. Fully enrolled students will be able make their nomination anytime until then.


Once you are fully enrolled you should be able to see the posts open to you. The form to make a nomination is below. Once you submit a nomination you will get to a page where you can optionally add a photo and manifesto of up to 200 words.


We have two video guides to demonstrate the nomination process:


  1. How to nominate yourself
  2. Adding and amending your manifesto



If you are fully enrolled - and have received your 'Confirmation of Enrolment Letter' - but are not able to access any part of the election below, please use this enquiry form


How to vote

Once voting opens logged-in enrolled students will be able to see their candidates and to vote. You will be asked to order the candidates in order of preference. Again, if you have any access problem or error message, use the enquiry form or email with a screenshot of the message.

Instructions will appear on the ballot.


General questions, enquiries and problems with access.


If you are fully enrolled - and have received your 'Confirmation of Enrolment Letter' - but are not able to access this page, please get in touch


For questions about:

  • the election process
  • any problem logging in
  • any issue with the positions you are eligible to nominate in


Either submit an enquiry form, or email


Course Rep Elections Autumn 2022

Online elections for Course Representatives for 2022/23.

112 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Monday 26 September 2022 (in 6 weeks and 1 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Thursday 13 October 2022 (in 8 weeks and 4 days)

Please log in to see more details.


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