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What is a Student Rep?

Student Reps are elected by their peers within each department, to liaise on students behalf with the department, faculty and Students' Union and ensure the students voices heard in all decision-making.

This is mostly done by attending their department meetings and working with reps in other course and year groups, and reporting back on a regular basis, but on occasion it also means helping to involve students in giving feedback as part of the schools quality assurance review process (see 'PPRs'). Reps deal with course issues that come up, facilities and learning resources, concerns about the library etc. Bigger problems, personal issues or appeals are referred on, for example, to the Co-President Democracy and Education or S.U Advice Caseworker (suadvice).

Research Students: information about researchers opportunities from this link: https://soasunion.org/reps/resources/pgr/

Why be a rep?

Being a student representative allows you to both take on a more active role within the university as well as help your peers get the most out of their degree. You have the unique opportunity to help people within your degree and make your voice heard within your department. The role of student rep also allows you to meet more students within your course and understand the ways in which SOAS operates.

You will benefit from gaining skills and insight, a 'thanks' in the form of free coffee and tea vouchers as you carry out the role, and acknowledgment for your efforts in a reference you can use as you embark on future plans.

Key Contacts

Ask in the S.U, your convenor or faculty office if you have any questions.

S.U contacts: Ali (democracy.ed); Antonia (ab93)


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