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Sushant Singh
Sushant Singh

WELCOME FROM Sushant (HE/HIM) CO-PRESIDENT Welfare and Campaigns

Welcome from Sushant


Sushant's Manifesto

Dear Members of the SOAS Student Community, my name is Sushant Singh, and I am honoured to have been able to work and serve as your Welfare and Campaign SOAS-Student Union Co-President with your kind & generous support. 

Since assuming this role in July 2022, I have been working tirelessly, dedicating my time beyond working hours and weekdays, to provide support, assistance, and attention to the needs of the SOAS-Student-Community. I have approached my duties as a Student-Union representative with the utmost commitment and responsibility. 

I have listened carefully to your issues and concerns and have taken prompt and effective action to address them both on and off campus. For the last few months, I have been engaging with issues of many students suffering from Mental-Health issues, Securitisation, and Sexual-Harassment; enabling marginalized students to mobilize collectively.  

Similarly, in person, I have been supporting and aiding international students with personal obstacles of education, accommodation, Visa and BRP issues and other health-related concerns.  

I have consistently gone above and beyond to support the effective and successful delivery of dozens of student events from all manner of cultural-religious and political societies. 

 As a student activist for the past 11-years, I have gained valuable experience and a unique perspective on the challenges facing students today. I am a lawyer based in India with five-years of professional experience, which enables me to negotiate with the administration and other authorities effectively.  

I am asking for your support and vote in the upcoming elections to contribute my time and efforts for another year towards the betterment of the SOAS Student-Body. 

The following issues require urgent attention and will be a significant part of my upcoming tenure: 

  • I strongly oppose Islamophobia on campus. No student or individual should face discrimination based on their identity.  

  •  I propose to implement policies against discrimination based on caste, race, gender, religion, and other forms of identity-based discrimination.  

  •  I will work with the Executive Committee to develop strong recommendations against the sudden securitization of the campus to ensure decisions taken by the administration on security are accountable to the SOAS community.  

  • I will introduce proactive mental health support workshops for students around stressful times such as exams and assignment deadlines.  

  • I support zero tolerance for sexual harassment on campus and will propose stricter policy-provisions to address this issue such as an overhaul to the Student Unions.  

  • I will work towards the implementation of effective regulations and provisions against police intervention by SOAS security against students on campus.  

  • Also, further, it is in my intended proposal to promptly and actively act to facilitate more efficient and effective measures in enabling help and assuring the student of Indigenous, Tribal and Marginalised sections in all wide SOAS-Student communities in all manner possible. 

  • I am also committed to strengthening the student voice to address pressing-issues facing students.  I will work with the colleges and departments to introduce a new student voice framework. 

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