Before 20th June 2014£700max

After 20th June 2014, before 31st August 2014£500max

After 31st August£400max

 £400max for new societies


***Note that this is the maximum budget societies can get for each deadline; it does not mean that you will automatically be given the highest budgets indicated above; all application will be looked at and considered separately.



1) Register Online here before the deadlines indicated above: 
(Remember you need to be logged in to your SOAS email, and logged out from other accounts)


*This form is extremely important: 
- As it enables us to have an updated societies list and contact details for next year for the website, freshers fair, the handbook, societies poster and freshers week.

- This form also works as a handover document to pass on the information from this year to the next without going through too much trouble in September/October.


2) Send a budget plan to with a breakdown of your budget for next year using this template (attached).

3) Send an annual plan to, some help is attached if you have any questions about it.

***Note that all these steps take ONE HOUR to be completed all together if you do it with your committees (new/old). If you do not have a full committee yet, you can put in one contact and update it at the beginning of next year.

***Remember that only the budget that your society has raised will roll over for next year; all the unused budget will be cleared at the end of 3rd term.



You’ve all done an amazing job this year, and now you all need to make sure it’s all set to be the same next year! 
For this, you are all required to pass on all the relevant information to your next committees. Make sure you take some time to go over the pas year, see what you can add and take off next year to make it even more successful.



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