Our Participatory Budgeting initiative sets aside £6000 of the union’s budget for student led initiatives and projects. 

The deadline for bids is Friday 15th January. Please submit to tk68@soas.ac.uk or hs56@soas.ac.uk explaining what you will spend the money on, how much you want to apply for and why this is a good/important proposal.

What, why, how? 

Rather than financial decisions being centralised around the co-presidents, this budget will be allocated by, deliberated on and granted by the student body. 

Meetings will take place once every six weeks; students will be asked to send in proposals, outlining what their proposal is, how much of the budget they are applying for and why this is a good/important proposal. No more than £1000 – can be allocated in a single meeting, in order to maximise the number of students that can access and benefit from the initiative.

Due to rules about how the union operates as a charity, there are some restrictions on how we can spend our money, in particular this means that we cannot legally give grants to individuals or other charities. Ideas not funded by the Union already are preferable, be that equipment for a society, a creative campaign idea, an event etc.
If you have any concerns about a proposal you're submitting, these can be discussed prior to meetings with Hannah, Zain or Tom. 

If successful, Participatory Budgeting will be a crucial tactic for the financial decentralisation and democratization of the union... come along!


Click here to view the proposals.

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