1) Register Online:

ALL SOCIETIES/SPORTS NEW AND OLD are required to (re)register every year. This is to ensure we have a live list of all our societies and sports teams that are active as well as an up to date database of contacts so we can share important updates and information. Union website: soasunion.org

In your registration you will need to outline a Captain/President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The description of these positions can be found below.

2) Submit the following to your Co-President of Activities and Events:


The constitution describes the aims and objectives of your society and how it will be governed. There is a model constitution you can use (click on ‘Constitution’), or you can submit your own one. 

Indemnity Form (*including Equality and Diversity statement):

We ask you to sign an indemnity form as well as the equality and diversity statement so that you affirm that you understand and will uphold equality and diversity standards in the running of your society/club.

3) Submit a Membership List:

All societies/Clubs must have a minimum of 16 signatures. Once you have all the signatures, please scan the list and send it to activities.events@soas.ac.uk or simply hand it in to your Co-President of Activities and Events in the Union (G8).

4) After Points 1, 2, 3:

Once your society/club is set up and you have a better idea of what you want to achieve, please prepare an Annual Plan and a Budget Form (not especially too detailed) to send to your Co-President of Activities and Events. This will help you to be even more prepared!

Budgets can then be allocated after you have completed the above conditions. Here’s a short video made by Ben Sellers who was sabbatical officer of SOAS back in 2009. Have a look through to understand how to apply for your budget and how they are allocated.



Roles and Responsibilities within your Committee

Generally the role descriptions tend to follow the below format but be flexible to the needs of your society. A treasurer is however crucial in order to have a clear point of contact when it comes to budgets.


  • Main liason with the Students Union*
  • Attend Union General Meetings (UGMs)*
  • Principle organizer for events and room bookings (you are responsible for its usage/any damage)*
  • Submission of Risk Assessments for events*
  • Devise and submit an Annual Plan
  • Plan Annual General Meetings (AGM)*
  • Deal with any complaints from members/Union*
  • Ensure compliance with Union policies in particular the Equality and Diversity Policy*


  • Monitor expenditure*
  • Attend UGMs
  • Oversee the appropriate transfer of money for any charity fundraising events*
  • Responsible for the collection and deposit of money raised*
  • Look for sponsorships/alternative sources of funding
  • Submit annual budget*



Manage calendar of events (UGMs/AGM)

  • Manage minutes from meetings
  • Manage membership lists*
  • Coordinate society’s internal and public communications (i.e. social media)*


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